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              Day to Day Money Management​​

Bringing Order to 

Your Daily Financial 


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Kathy Hall, Daily Money Manager

In addition, my services are ideal for widowed individuals whose late spouses had been the ones who handled the household finances. I also assist aging parents whose adult children are geographically remote and looking for someone local to take on the day-to-day financial work for their parents.

Contact me in Bluffton, South Carolina to request a free initial consultation.

Note: Please be advised that my services do not involve tax planning and investment analysis and/or advice.

Manage your or your loved ones’ day-to-day finances effectively with help from Hall Financial Services. I provide daily money management services to seniors as well as to busy professionals and frequent travelers.

My services are ideal for people in life transition (death of a spouse, divorce, temporary military relocation) and adult children concerned about geographically remote or aging parents. I will take on the day-to-day financial work for you.

Contact me in Six Mile, South Carolina to request a free initial consultation.

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What Sets Me Apart 

My extensive financial experience and qualifications set me apart from my competition. While anyone can become a Daily Money Manager, even a certified one, by serving in that role for a period of time, many of them don’t have the financial education and experience that I have.

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My Mission 

My mission is to ensure the well-being of my clients’ financial lives by helping them navigate their bills, budgets, and record-keeping requirements.

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